Jul 15, 2021

Inside the World’s Only Private 787 Dreamliner (10 Photos)

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What’s a rich person to do when first class won’t suffice and a small private jet just doesn’t have the distance for international travel?

You could consider chartering the world’s only private Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Currently operated by Hong Kong-based Deer Jet (who took over management of the plane in September 2016), the private dreamliner offers a 17 hour; 15,789 km; globe spanning range for you and your 39 closest friends.

Check out the video tour embedded below along with interior photos of this opulent private aircraft. For more information visit Deer Jet.




It took renowned French aircraft interior designer Jacques Plerrejean and the aircraft completion centre more than 2.5 years of work to create this masterpiece of aerospace and craftsmanship.



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