Whom do you call to report domestic violence?

Call 911 to report to the Police. Call the 24-hour Family Center Hotline to ask for assistance or shelter at 660-562-2320 or 866-382-6867.


How are Children and Family Center services accessed?

By calling the 24-hour crisis line, 660-562-2320 or 866-382-7867.  Family, friends, police, judges, or social services agencies also refer people to us.


Are services provided only to Northwest MO residents?

No, we will provide assistance to anyone who calls. Children and Family Center is a member of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, a group of 52 domestic violence centers located throughout the state. While our primary service area is NW MO, we do not deny services based on geographic location. If possible we can refer a client to more convenient services anywhere in the United States.


Are men eligible for client services?

Yes, we provide direct services to male victims, including a support group.  We also have an arrangement with area hotels to provide shelter for male victims for a limited time. Our shelters are for women and children only.


What is the profile of a victim of domestic violence?

There is no single profile. Victims come from all walks of life, all incomes, races, religions, and economic levels.


Why do women stay in abusive relationships?

The #1 reason is fear. Many have no knowledge of available help; some fear losing their children; some fear being alone; some are without economic income and feel they have no skills to be employable; most have very low self-esteem. If you know someone in this situation, please do not ask them why they stay. Offer them our hotline number and your emotional support. Let them know they deserve better.


How many clients can be sheltered at once?

Our new facility has 20 beds.  We collaborate with area shelters.  There are times victims want to relocate to another area for safety reasons or referral services available in another area.  We can only shelter victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault who are in immediate danger at this time.


What is the length of time a client can stay at the shelter?

The average stay is 15-21 days.  However, women may stay as long as they need if they meet certain criteria and are making progress on their individually established goals.


Do you offer services for children staying in shelter with their mothers?

Yes.  We have implemented a Children’s Program which includes Kids’ Club activities, after school activities and supervised play times while Mom’s are in support groups.


Is there a fee for women to stay at the shelter?

There is no fee to stay at the shelter.


How is Children and Family Center funded?

Grants, general contributions by businesses, service organizations, churches and individuals, events, foundations, United Way, and non-cash contributions.


Who is your staff? 

We have a full time Victim Advocate, a part time Court Advocate, Volunteer Coordinator, “on-call” staff to cover shelter, Executive Director and Administrative Assistant.  We have approximately 45 volunteers who assist them, including both individuals from the community and students at Northwest Missouri State University.


How can people donate items to Children and Family Center?

Donations are accepted at the shelter location, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5PM.   If you would like to be added to the E-news list for current needs, please follow this link or email cfcnwm4@embarqmail.com


Who batters and why?

People who batter have a need to gain power and control in their relationships. Abusive personalities have common characteristics:

Low self esteem


Emotionally dependent

Excessive jealousy


Alternately charming then suddenly angry and violent