The Children & Family Center offers:

* Advocacy and support

* 24-hour toll free crisis hotline

* Crisis intervention (developing a safety plan)

* Case management (an action plan)

* Court advocacy

* Temporary shelter

* Weekly support groups

* As well as basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation and obtaining needed assistance from various local agencies (i.e.  referral to job training, substance abuse counseling, individual therapy, medical services, job placement services, job placement services, and housing).


24-hour toll free crisis hotline

If you need someone to listen, provide support, access to needed resources or assistance with orders-of-protection or shelter, Call 660/562-2320 in Maryville, or Toll Free at 866/382-7867.  Trained advocates are available 24-hours daily, 365 days a year for individuals experiencing, or are at-risk for, family violence and victims of sexual assault. We encourage you to call us from a safe place.



Temporary shelter is available for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault who are in immediate danger.  Access help by calling the hotline or by visiting The Center located in Maryville.


Court Advocacy

Advocates work closely with people who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault by guiding them through the court proceedings and alerting them to the programs and services available to them.  The Court Advocate assists with filing petitions for Orders-of-Protection and accompanies the victims through the legal process to provide emotional support. 

“This can be a very scary time for victims who are unfamiliar with the legal system.  It’s also a time when she may be completely emotionally exhausted and feels like she is all alone.  We’ll be there for her, not only at the beginning, but through the entire process and support her.”  - C&FC Court/Victim Advocate


We also provide all law enforcement officers within our five county service area with resources they will need to support women and children during this time. 


Crisis Management

Victim Advocates help others determine when to use a safety plan when threatened with physical assault, or an assault has occurred; for continuing to live with or to date a partner who has been abusive; or for protection after a relationship has ended with an abusing partner.  Developing a safety plan includes thinking it through, being aware of dangers, evaluating options, planning ahead and reducing risk.


Case Management
Case management addresses the basic needs of finding a safe place to stay, securing financial resources, healthcare, childcare, transportation, finding a job/training/education, crisis counseling, providing for family, and the many other needs that accompany and allow for healing to begin.


Support Groups

WINGS (Women in Need of Gaining Support) support group for women who have experienced domestic violence, abuse and/or sexual assault, and/or childhood sexual abuse is facilitated by the Victim Advocate. Other support groups are offered as needed/available. 

“Having a safe, confidential space to receive emotional support, coping skills and telling your story is empowering, and provides healing, hope, and just knowing you are not alone.  Our sessions provide education information on the dynamics of domestic violence and on developing healthy relationships.  It’s a place where women can confidentially share, listen, and experience healing without being judged”.  – C&FC Victim Advocate