1997 - The Family Violence Council was initiated in Maryville. Citizens and representatives from diverse agencies collectively addressed the issue of domestic violence that had not been formally addressed in the community.


August 1998 - a group of professionals working with families gathered to discuss gaps in services for families at risk of abuse and neglect. The Children’s Center of Northwest Missouri was formed, an Executive Director was hired, and a Board of Directors was established whereupon the coalition became an independent not-for-profit 501c3 organization.


Spring 1999 - a Regional Development Team was developed by the Center to help develop our mission and objectives:(1) 24-hour crisis intervention and shelter (2) parent education (3) counseling accessible to all in need without regard to income or resources (4) support groups.


April 2000 - a house was purchased; volunteers renovated the facility. Counseling was provided by a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the areas of family violence and abuse.


September 2001 - the Center also began offering parenting classes


October 2001 – grant dollars provided for a full time Victim Advocate.


July 2002 – we officially became “The Children and Family Center of NW MO”


November 2002 - a part time Court Advocate was added to the staff


December 2003 – Muriel Zimmerman became part time Executive Director.  Shelter opened November 2003.  103 clients served our first year.


January 2004 - a full time Victim Advocate was hired.


October 2004 – a Residential Advocate was added


2005 – Received Gladys Rickard grant and paid off our mortgage!


October 2007 – Developed a local Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) team


July 2008 – Received a CDBG grant to purchase a new facility and expand shelter services.


June 2009 – Established a Children’s Program/Kids Club


July 2009 – moved into a newly renovated Center at 1220 East 2nd Street, Maryville, MO 64468. This handicapped accessible facility will expand services to house 20 clients, a double garage to house a client’s car, provide storage space for donations and upstairs area for a variety of activities.


2009 – The number of clients served increased 51% and the number of direct services offered increased 41%.


2010 – Became one of 34 shelters across USA to implement PAWS (Pets and Women’s Shelter) so pets can be safely housed on-site with women and children fleeing abusive homes. Families are often forced to stay in abusive situations because they fear for their pets’ safety. 


2011 – Finished construction on garage  for a client’s car; storage area for donations; and upstairs apartment for sheltering pets, indoor play area for children, and/or apartment.


Today - Our full continuum of care assists individuals and families with immediate respite from violence, and services which empower clients to find and choose good options for future safety and success. Additionally, we focus on parent education and community education, looking toward a brighter future, and knowing that safe families make happy neighborhoods.  Current  staff includes one full time Victim Advocate, and a part time Residential Advocate/ Volunteer Coordinator, Court Advocate, Weekend Support Worker/Advocate, “on call staff”, Administrative Assistant  and Executive Director.