ďAnimal lovers of this world will totally understand my statements Iím about to write.


At some point in your life, or perhaps many times in your life, your pet has

†felt like your only friend.

In my case, not only was I being extremely abused, but my dog was being

abused as well. Some folks may not understand this, but I donít think I would

have left my abusive situation if it wasnít for a shelter like the Children and

Family Center in Maryville where they not only opened their arms to me,

but my four legged friend as well.

I was in so much grief and heartache when I arrived, but if it wasnít for the fact that I had my dog to tend to everyday, Iím sure my progress of trying to start a new life would have almost been impossible.

Because of the Children and Family Center allowing my dog to be there, I was able to keep my reason to get up in the morning and take care of him and myself. I knew that I needed him, but he needed me as well. I thank God every night and day for the shelter that not only takes in people that are going through domestic violence, as I was, but people with animals as well.Ē

-Former Children and Family Center Client