Children and Family Center

Of Northwest Missouri

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Local Contact                                                                                                 24-Hour Crisis Hotline

(660) 562-2320                                                                                               1-866-382-7867

Local Resources for our five county service area


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Emergency Medical/Law Enforcement …911

Missouri Highway Patrol (816) 387-2345

Campus Safety (NWMSU) (660) 562-1254

Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline (800) 392-3738

Elder Abuse & Neglect Hotline (800) 392-0210


Nodaway County:

Maryville Public Safety (660) 562-3209

Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department (Maryville) (660) 582-7451

Order of Protection - Nodaway County Circuit Clerk) (660) 582-5431


Atchison County:

Atchison County Sheriff’s Department (Rock Port) (660) 744-6271

Order of Protection - Atchison County Circuit Clerk (660) 744-2707


Gentry County:

Gentry County Sheriff’s Department (Albany) (660) 726-3721

Order of Protection - Gentry County Circuit Clerk (660) 726-3618


Holt County:

Holt County Sheriff’s Department (Oregon) (660) 446-3300

Order of Protection - Holt County Circuit Clerk (660) 446-3301


Worth County:

Worth County Sheriff’s Department (Grant City) (660) 564-2222

Order of Protection - Worth County Circuit Clerk) (660) 564-2210


Court Advocacy assistance is available through the Children and Family Center Court/Victim Advocate

(660) 562-2320 or 1-866-382-7867 outside the Maryville area.

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1-800-799-SAFE (7233 voice), 
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Children and Family Center

1220 E. 2nd St

Maryville, MO

(660) 562-2320 (Office)

1-866-382-7867 (Hotline)



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