Our 24 hour Crisis Hotline
660-562-2320 or 1-866-382-7867 outside Maryville

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm
Location Hours: 1220 East 2nd Street; Maryville, MO 64468


We’d love hearing your thoughts, reactions, ideas, & questions  both about services we provide & this web page.

Please email us at the following


Executive Director


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1220 East 2nd Street, Maryville, MO 64468

We cannot provide advice for individual situations through this web page. However, we hope you find this general information helpful as we address issues to both identify and to break the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault. We can help you identify legal, mental health and medical professions about your situation.


Using the “LIFE process” is our goal. Through this process you can gain knowledge and knowledge is power.

L - Listen (safe environment for nonjudgmental, confidential place to tell your story)

I – Inform (available resources, advocacy)

F – Facilitate (safety planning, identify action plan and understand likely consequences of each action)

E - Empower and assist (education to advocate for yourself; take control of your life, and to make life safer for yourself and your children)


Presentations and trainings are available from our professional staff on a wide range of topics,  including healthy vs. unhealthy relationships; domestic violence; child abuse; community response to family violence and abuse, cyber stalking, bullying and teen dating violence issues. We will tailor presentations to the individual needs of your group. Email or call us to schedule your event.

We know preventing domestic violence means changing our society – addressing attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, environments and policies. Prevention means eliminating all of these that contribute to violence and promoting those that prevent the violence. By working together we can strengthen families in our community.